cover musMyths of Muslim modernity

The book is built on the sociocultural analysis of modern myth-making of moslem elites, which is carried out within the framework of social action. On the basis of works of domestic and foreign scientists the basic scientific going near the study of the mentioned phenomenon from times of antiquity (in measures of different schools and theories of myth), examine conceptions which allow to light up the meaningful moments of myth-making in the context of islam social reality of postcolonial period.

Social myth-making is examined as method of legitimation and maintainance of power by moslem elites for an account of making of cognitive and behaviorical stereotypes of submission is for a subsequent taking root in the consciousness of folk masses. Terms are found out, that activations of social myth-making and feature of its functioning promote in islam environment. The basic mechanisms of social motivation of folk the masses are described by islam elites. For the analysis of mythological texts the original of principle chart of social creating of myths is offered. The author division into the periods of process of modernization in the islam world and of its basic sociocultural paradigms are presented.

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