Social organization
"Ukrainian center of Islamic Studies"

Social organization "Ukrainian center of Islamic Studies" (SO UCIS) was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on December 16, 2004.

General Meeting Centre has elected as President of organization
O. Aulin, as vice presidents R.Dzhanhuzhin and M.Kyryushko. Honorary President is Y.Kochubey.

The goal of the Center – to support research in the field of Islamic studies and promote a culture of tolerance in Ukrainian society.

SO UCIS conducted a sociological research "Muslims in Ukrainian society" in all regions of Ukraine and "Religious and national tolerance of students in higher educational institutions of Kyiv", two nationwide A.Y. Krimskiy competitions of Islamic Studies between young scientists.

The Center has published a number of books on various aspects of Islam as a civilizational, political and cultural phenomenon:
Islamic state: genesis and new trends,
The Muslim community of Ukraine, institutionalization and development.

However, research directed at issues related to political Islam and Crimea.
SO "Ukrainian center of Islamic Studies" cooperates with other organizations that specialize in the study of Islam and dissemination of objective scientific knowledge about it.

The main partners of the Social organization "Ukrainian center of Islamic Studies":

  • The Institute of World History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
  • SIAZ,
  • The Social organization "Arabic house",
  • The Social organization "Academic Center for Islamic Studies",
  • The Magazine "Skhidny svit".
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